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Cycling Workout Interval Cues

Разработчик Innetic, Inc
1.99 usd

Cycling workout interval training for your road bike, road cycling, indoor cycling, biking and running exercises. Over fifty cycling workouts that can be done on the road bike or trainer. Great for both indoor cycling workouts or road biking workouts.Cycling interval training for peak performance with an audio coach allowing you to focus on your cardio fitness, not the phone or stopwatch. Built for cycling workouts to target exertion level, heart rate, power, lactate threshold, cadence targets, gear and saddle position. Interval Cues DOES NOT record GPS, speed, cadence, heart rate or power in the current version but will be added soon.
Use specific cycling interval workouts to develop a training plan and listen to audio hints for each step of your road cycling exercise. Great road bike app for your cardio interval training, power training, structured workouts, bicycling, road riding and training with power and training with heart rate. Enjoy the ability to start with a delay, pause and resume using your compatible earbuds, manage your own custom workouts and more.
Perform your cycling interval workouts and running workouts using a virtual audio coach.• Perform cycling and running exercises without watching or controlling timers• Use exertion, power and/or heart as a level of workload when training• Set your intensity zone based on your heart rate and functional power• Control workout prompts with media player functions (play, next, previous, pause and stop)• Edit included workouts or create your own• Over fifty workouts included• Create a favorite list of workouts• View workouts by recently played for easy access
Interval Workout Step provided:• Standard work and recovery• Interval (multiple work load and recovery periods of same length)• Recovery, Warm up and Cool down• Ladder (builds up by steps for each interval)• Roller (over a threshold and below a threshold for multiple intervals)
Features:• Audio cues for your workout steps including "Ready", "Begin in 3, 2 1", heart rate, power zone to hold, exertion level, "stand up", gear to use, and intermediate cues like "1 minute to go"• Workout options including skip warm up and cool down, whether to include power and/or heart zone, cadence, gearing and saddle position• Setup target zones by defining maximum heart rate and functional threshold power profiles• Play music in the background while listening to your workout
Create cycling interval workouts for heart rate interval training, running intervals, cycling intervals and bicycle training rides.
Cycling Workout Interval Cues is all about health & fitness and is ideal for high intensity interval training and cycling workouts and running exercises.
Cycling Workout Interval Cues does not report your heart rate or power but is more of a training coach giving you visual and vocal cues during your workout.
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NOTE ON GPS SUPPORT:Cycling Workout Interval Cues DOES NOT record GPS during your exercise.
NOTE ON HEART RATE, POWER, SPEED and CADENCE MONITORSCycling Workout Interval Cues DOES NOT record data from the above devices. It is design to give you a cue as what to target. Future version may include these features.
If you are not happy with your Cycling Workout Interval Cues app for any reason in the first 24 hours after you download it, please let us know by email, and we will refund your money.
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